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The handling of heavy loads is a matter of organization and anticipation.
wind energy expertise

If there is one area where Promaritime has combined these two parameters to become a major player in the sector, it is that the handling and transport of terrestrial wind turbine components.

Promaritime was entrusted with the organization of one of the first wind import cargo in Rouen, was there more than 10 years. Since then, the biggest European manufacturers regularly seek the services of Promaritime in Normandy ports and recently successfully with those of the Mediterranean coast.

The service offering by Promaritime teams extends from the charter and recording of the ship to customs clearance and delivery of parts on the wind fields.

Order désaisisseurs teams or welders / grinders for night work; mobilize port or telescopic cranes; 100tonnes drop pods on camarteaux then raise with the hydraulic trailer "1000 feet"; or organize pilot cars and motorcycles escorts to guide the safety pale 50m on tight curves of the roads are all tasks you need to know to coordinate a successful project.

Promaritime teams are formed accordingly and that is why customers value for over 20 years.



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