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Welcome to Promaritime International’s website, feel free to submit us any enquiry for your shipping project.

The industry of transportation is our primary business, shipping is our expertise.

We have a range of activities :
liners services to Finland & Russia, Morocco and West Coast Africa, chartering for industrial projects, shipping agency, road deliveries and logistic.

You will find a lot of useful information in this site, and we are personally keen to answer all your enquiries over the phone. Telephone N° on the top right. Your questions through e-mail are welcome too.


A strong network with our partners

The Promaritime strength is that it has drawed strong personalities, which have chosen to share with us our values and our ambitions serving our customers.

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Promaritime is at the service of M/V EXCALIBUR Core Jack up barge

24 September 2018 Promaritime is at the service of M/V EXCALIBUR Core Jack up barge

Since several weeks Promaritime Dieppe has been performing to provide with all necessary onshore supplies for the M/V Excalibur core jack up barge.

M/V Excalibur is beeing employed by « Société des Eoliennes en Mer Dieppe Le Tréport » (offshore power mill company)  - for sea ground coring test, view inplanting sub power windmills offshore Le Treport sea range.

Our Promaritime teams and our highly skilled and reliable local partners are shouldering  24h / 7 days a week technician team of Excalibur.

Availability, reactivity and professionalism are the necessary assets so M/V Excalibur drilling operations  will be carried on successfully.



June 2018: loading a huge reel

17 June 2018 June 2018: loading a huge reel

Promaritime and rigging co Promarhandling proceeding to boarding lashing &  securing a 74MT reels on the vessel « Novatrans ».

Spectacular unloading on the port of Le Havre

31 May 2018 Spectacular unloading on the port of Le Havre

The Promaritime International group welcomed the MS Western Rock ship (Amasus Shipping B.V., built in 2018) for the unloading of military equipment for the Eurosatory exhibition.

The unloading was assured under the responsibility of pro maritime on Saturday, May 19 at the ro-ro terminal of the port of Le Havre.

Promaritime Guyane

27 April 2018 Promaritime Guyane

A new 13 pax passenger Hi speed ship to reinforce the promaritime Guyane fleet will be shipped on Cma Cgm 40ft flat Contr from Marseilles to Degrad des Cannes (Grench Guyana).

Centrimex Marseille have organized the shipment all the way from Ajjacio, Corsica up to Guyana
The (road) on carriage from DDC to water out Kourou will be arranged by Promaritime Guyane sarl.

Promaritime International Project

19 April 2018 Promaritime International Project

February 2018

Transport of two units passenger shuttle boats (150 pax), which were shipped by Promaritime Intl Project grom CN-Dalian to Fort de France, Martinique, For account of ODC Marine ship yard.

Avril 2018

Promaritime International was regular actor as ship’s agent for BBC Chartering, for two heavy lift vessels within Le Havre, Radicatel and Rouen ports:

- MS BBC ALBERTA : Operating both in Radicatel and Le Havre. Prysmian Hose reels and FLC loading arms.

- MS BBC EVEREST : 3000 MT Vallourec pipes shipped from Brasil and discharged on pier Marcel Marais, Rouen. Pipes Unlashing on board achieved by our sister cie Promar Handling and stevedoring organised by Docks Seine.